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Bauer Logistik   1961 – 2011

Foundation of the company Rudolf Bauer as a transport company in the short distance sector in Pleystein/Germany


An expansion of the company made it necessary to move to Amberg / Germany


In addition to the short distance business we started to take up long distance hauls


In December 1970 the first fresh milk transports were carried out. Transports with tipping trucks from the Czech Republic to Italy were started.


car wash statt laundry room


To better handle the transports from the Czech Republic the subsidiary BARU in Cernosice was founded


The Rudolf Bauer company obtained DIN ISO 9002 certification and joined the Environmental Pact of Bavaria


New site
Based on a continous good development and to ensure a further quality improvement a new truck center was built next to the highway junction Wernberg-Köblitz. It includes a cleaning system of the truck interior, exterior truck wash, garage and gas station.


Start of waste transports (no restriction), mainly from Italy to Germany

2007   Footprint expansion at the Wernberg-Köblitz site

Construction of a new office building, to centralize operations and administration

2010   Transition to DIN ISO 9001:2008

The fleet is continuously adapted to to our customers’ needs including best available technology with respect to the environment


The development the Bauer company took was only possible through the trusting cooperation with our customers and the dedicated work of our employees


Quality and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal in the long run.

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